Gun Auction

60 Guns from 1 collector! Good quality & good condition shotguns, rifles, handguns as Ruger, Browning, Remington, Winchester, S&W, H&R, Colt, Marlin, etc.

Began: 06/15/18 at 5:30 PM EDT
Location: 2009 Columbus Ave., Washington Court House, OH 43160


Friday June 15, 2018




Located: Weade Auction Center2009 Columbus Ave (US 62), Washington C.H., Ohio, at northern edge of city behind “Streetside 62 Bistro” Restaurant—-Please do not park at restaurant


1)Ruger 25-06 Rifle Model M77 w/ Bull Barrel and 4×9 Bushnell Scope


2)Remington 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle Model 30S w/ Lyman Sights–Special Grade


3)Weatherby Model Vanguard 300 WBY Mag w/ VSA 8×32 Scope


4)Smith & Wesson Model 1500 .338 Winchester Mag


5)Savage Model 340 Series E .222 Thumb Hole Stock w/ Leupold 3×9 Scop, Left Handed Gun


6)Browning Model 1886 Lever Action 45-70, Grade 1, New in Box


7)Weatherby Model Vanguard 30-06 Rifle, Deluxe Stock w/ Weatherby 3×9 Scope


8)Winchester Model 70XTR 30-06 Rifle w/ 3×9 Leupold Scope


9)Remington Model 760 Pump 30-06 GameMaster, w/ Bushnell 3×9 scope w/ carrying case


10)Smith & Wesson .45 Cal Revolver Model of 1988, Stainless


11)Ruger .38 Special Revolver Police Series Six


12)Smith & Wesson .38 Special Revolver Model 10-7


13)Winchester Rifle Model 70XTR .264 Winchester Mag, Monte Carol Stock w/ 4×12 Bushnell Scope


14)Winchester Rifle Model 94 30-30 Rifle, Lone Star Commemerative-Made in USA


15)Remington Rifle Model 7400 Automatic 30-06 w/scope mounts


16)Winchester Rifle Model 67 .22 cal single shot


17)Weatherby Vanguard Redfield 30-06 Rifle w/ 2×7 Scope & Carrying Case


18)Browning Model 1886 Lever Action 45-70, High Grade w/ Bear & Elk Engravings, 1 of 3,000 Made, New in Box


19)DeGulle Muzzleloader


20)Winchester Model 1300 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun, Black Synthetic Stock


21)Ruger .480 Revolver Model 05507 Super Red Hawk, w/case


22)Remington Model 1100 Automatic 12 ga. Shotgun


23)Mossberg .410 pump Shotgun


24)Browning Citori Grade 6 Over/Under 12 ga. Shotgun Lightning, engraved w/ Pheasant, Dog, & Duck


25)Remington Model 870 12 ga. Pump Shotgun


26)Fabrica Over/Under 12 ga Shotgun, Made in Italy


27)Remington Model 1100 Automatic 12 ga. Shotgun, Synthetic Stock, new in box


28)Ruger Black Hawk 30 cal. Carbine Revolver


29)Colt .45 Model 1911 Custom Pistol w/ Generals of WWII Engraving in Walnut Case, New in Box


30)Remington Model 514 ,22 cal. Single shot Rifle


31)Marlin 9mm Model 9 Rifle


32)H&R Model 929 .22 cal Revolver w/ Holster


33)Winchester Model 94 30-30 Rifle, Made in USA pre 1964


34)M1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Made by Universal


35)M1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Made by IBM Corp


36)M1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Made byI IBM Corp


37)Browning Model 1886 45-70 Lever Action Rifle, 1991 Forrestry Service Dept. of Ag, National Forrestry Centennial 1891-1991, 1 of 2,000 Made


38)Titan .25 Cal Automatic Pistol w/ Holster


39)Winchester Model 94 30-30 Rifle, Made in USA pre 1964


40)Smith & Wesson .38 Special Revolver w/ Holster


41)Rossi Model 92 SRC 44-40 Rifle


42)Marlin Model 1894S  44 Mag Rifle


43)Jennings Model J22 .22 Cal Revolver


44)Winchester Model 69A .22 Cal Rifle


45)Remington Wingmaster Model 87 12 ga. Pump Shotgun w/ extended magazine


46)Polytech M1A .308 Caliber Automatic Rifle


47)Savage Model 64 .22 Cal Bolt Action Rifle w/ Bushnell Scope


48)SKS Norinco 7.62×39 Rifle


49)Marlin Model 336 30-30 Rifle


50)Remington Model 870 12 ga. Pump Shotgun w/ Deer Barrel


51)Remington Model 1100 12 ga Shotgun


52)Rossi Model 92 SRC .38 Special Lever Action Rifle


53)6.5mm Arisaka Type 38 Bolt Action Rifle


54)Remington Model 870 20 gauge Shotgun


55)Sears & Roebuck Ted Williams Model 200 12 ga. Shotgun


56)Ruger Model 1022 Automatic Carbine .22 cal Rifle w/ Siemens Scope


57)Marlin Model 783 .22 cal WMR Rifle


58)Keystone Arms Singleshot 20 ga. Shotgun


59)Ruger Model 1022 Automatic Stainless Carbine .22 cal Rifle


60)American Gun Co., NY Double Barrel 12 ga. Shotgun


Will also be selling assorted holsters, some ammo, knives, and other gun related items


Notes: All guns are from one collector who is liquidating due to health reasons.  VERY good condition and quality.  Several guns are new in the box and the vast majority appear to have had very little use. Firearms will be sold using Weade, LLC’s Federal Firearms License and background checks will be run day of sale, in accordance with federal law.  A $15 fee per person will be charged to successful bidders for background checks. GUNS NOT ON PREMISES UNTIL DAY OF SALE. Preview begins 1PM day of sale.


Terms: Cash, Check, MasterCard/Visa

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